Tyler + Jenny // Engagement

It was a blast exploring Tyler + Jenny’s ranch with them in Bristow, Oklahoma a few months before their wedding in May! As their wedding day is now fast approaching I am thrilled to share some magic from their session with you!DSC_1963DSC_1969DSC_1982DSC_2000DSC_2008DSC_2011DSC_2014DSC_2016DSC_2018DSC_2029DSC_2030DSC_2031DSC_2033DSC_2036DSC_2042DSC_2043DSC_2053DSC_2055DSC_2057DSC_2064DSC_2070DSC_2082DSC_2083DSC_2088DSC_2091DSC_2093DSC_2094DSC_2095DSC_2097DSC_2099DSC_2101DSC_2103DSC_2104DSC_2108DSC_2125DSC_2134DSC_2140DSC_2144DSC_2148DSC_2152DSC_2162DSC_2170DSC_2171DSC_2174DSC_2175DSC_2179DSC_2181DSC_2185DSC_2190DSC_2202

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