Hollis + Kathleen // Engagement

Hollis + Kathleen travelled down to Stephenville, TX from North Texas for their Engagement photos while I was down there a few weeks ago. We got to cooperate some furry friends into their photos, which is always a blast + we got to explore some beautiful property while laughing and telling stories!_DSC6999_DSC7002_DSC7006_DSC7009_DSC7011_DSC7018_DSC7019_DSC7020_DSC7024_DSC7025_DSC7029_DSC7031_DSC7032_DSC7038_DSC7041_DSC7042_DSC7047_DSC7050_DSC7051_DSC7052_DSC7053_DSC7077_DSC7081_DSC7082_DSC7085_DSC7086_DSC7095_DSC7097_DSC7100_DSC7102_DSC7104_DSC7107_DSC7108_DSC7109_DSC7110_DSC7115_DSC7117_DSC7118_DSC7123_DSC7132_DSC7134_DSC7141_DSC7146_DSC7148_DSC7150_DSC7151_DSC7156_DSC7158_DSC7161_DSC7164_DSC7165_DSC7173_DSC7176_DSC7183_DSC7189_DSC7191_DSC7199_DSC7200_DSC7201_DSC7205_DSC7206_DSC7209_DSC7212_DSC7217_DSC7218_DSC7219_DSC7223_DSC7224

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