Tyler + Jenny // Wedding

I got the opportunity to take Tyler + Jenny’s engagement photos for them on their ranch several months back, and on May 27th, 2018 I got to capture their beautiful western wedding in Jay, Oklahoma at the RFC Event Center and it was magical! Here you will find some highlight moments and images from their special day, filled with love, laughter, and a heck of a good time!_DSC5699_DSC5711_DSC5752_DSC5769_DSC5771_DSC5787_DSC5796_DSC5828_DSC5866_DSC5868_DSC5963_DSC6056_DSC6068_DSC6069_DSC6081_DSC6084_DSC6108_DSC6154_DSC6174_DSC6177_DSC6183_DSC6198_DSC6204_DSC6206_DSC6210_DSC6214_DSC6218_DSC6225_DSC6242_DSC6248_DSC6254_DSC6260_DSC6287_DSC6312_DSC6345_DSC6358_DSC6359_DSC6409_DSC6413_DSC6416_DSC6427_DSC6428_DSC6431_DSC6433_DSC6441_DSC6442_DSC6443_DSC6446_DSC6449_DSC6453_DSC6458_DSC6468_DSC6471_DSC6478_DSC6481_DSC6484

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