Logan + Kayla // NW Oklahoma Couples Session

Logan + Kayla met while both attending NWOSU on rodeo scholarships. The two hit it off immediately + have been dating ever since. They both enjoy spending hours in the practice pen with their horses + playing with their pups as well. Logan is originally from Iowa + Kayla from Illinois, the only reason they ever crossed paths was by attending the same college. College can bring people from all over together in a way that can be so special + result in incredible bonds. I am so glad they chose me to capture this season in their lives + look forward to many more! Thank you Logan + Kayla for letting me third wheel on an adventure through some of the beauty NW Oklahoma has to offer!DSC_3535DSC_3551DSC_3560DSC_3565DSC_3585DSC_3587DSC_3602DSC_3631DSC_3643DSC_3648DSC_3654DSC_3665DSC_3688DSC_3693DSC_3699DSC_3703DSC_3719DSC_3723DSC_3791DSC_3795DSC_3800DSC_3802DSC_3811DSC_3814DSC_3840DSC_3848DSC_3852DSC_3942DSC_3964DSC_4000DSC_4003DSC_4005DSC_4013DSC_4044DSC_4054

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