Trey + Mandy // Western-boho Wedding

Trey + Mandy’s Northwest Arkansas Wedding was such a dream wedding! They are two of the sweetest souls + their families are just as sweet + welcoming! There were so many special moments throughout the day that just warmed my heart + I was so honored to be a part of! There was a moment that as you scroll through you will notice, where Mandy’s dad gave her a penny he had shaped into a heart and but her and Treys initials on. He had gifted his wife the same thing with their initials years ago. I caught myself tearing up during that special exchange + Mandy’s mom stood next to me and whispered “that’s why you do what you do”. And she absolutely was right. I hope you enjoy scrolling through this selection of images from their October 6th wedding that was supposed to be a rainy day yet stopped raining the moment I got there + started again when I got in my car to leave for the night. Thank you to Trey + Mandy both for allowing me to capture your most special day, much love to yall! DSC_7595DSC_6840DSC_6845DSC_6859DSC_6864DSC_6894DSC_6919DSC_6960DSC_6976DSC_6993DSC_7006DSC_7035DSC_7045DSC_7050DSC_7057DSC_7060DSC_7062DSC_7065DSC_7071DSC_7074DSC_7082DSC_7085DSC_7090DSC_7111DSC_7129DSC_7139DSC_7151DSC_7159DSC_7172DSC_7176DSC_7240DSC_7248DSC_7263DSC_7266DSC_7314DSC_7341DSC_7354DSC_7356DSC_7369DSC_7374DSC_7383DSC_7388DSC_7391DSC_7393DSC_7395DSC_7399DSC_7403DSC_7426DSC_7429DSC_7445DSC_7455DSC_7457DSC_7462DSC_7592DSC_7593DSC_7595DSC_7600DSC_7605DSC_7608DSC_7639DSC_7640DSC_7641DSC_7647DSC_7654DSC_7678DSC_7680DSC_7693DSC_7694DSC_7706DSC_7709DSC_7718DSC_7719DSC_7734DSC_7748DSC_7756DSC_7772DSC_7795DSC_7813DSC_7817DSC_7848DSC_7873DSC_7880DSC_7890DSC_7917DSC_7920DSC_7923DSC_7925DSC_7930DSC_7956DSC_7967

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