You’re engaged, now what? 5 tips for planning your wedding

western wedding

1. Do what YOU want. This is probably my biggest piece of advice when planning your wedding day, because ultimately, it is up to you + your fiancé to choose how you want your day to be. You will likely have about a million suggestions of what you guys should do for your day, from color schemes to guest lists and everything in between. There may be a few things that you do for others, maybe your mom has a request for the day or your friend is just dying to wear a certain bridesmaid dress and if those things are not as important to you, it is okay to take suggestions and ideas from others. However, if a big wedding isn’t for you and you would rather go elope or have a small intimate wedding, then DO IT. Because this day is only going to happen once, so it may as well be exactly what you have dreamt of.

sparkler exit

2. Keep your guests in mind. While it is true, this day is about you + getting the dress you want or the perfect bouquet and your dream photographer, it is important to keep your guests in mind as well. Your wedding day shouldn’t be about trying to impress your guests, but rather to serve them the best you can. They are coming to love and support you on your day, so making sure there is enough tables and chairs along with refreshing drinks, which is especially important for those planning summer weddings.

Oklahoma boho wedding

3. Get on the ball. Getting on the ball with booking vendors is extremely important, especially if you are planning a wedding in a short amount of time or in a busy wedding month. Don’t wait until last minute to start your wedding planning and expect all your top choice vendors to be available. Some Venues + Photographers book a year or more in advance and wedding dresses can take months to receive alterations. Now this isn’t to say you cannot plan a wedding in just a few months, it may just make things a bit more difficult, which is why it is important to start reaching out right away.

colorado engagement

4. Pick a month, not a date. I cannot stress this one enough. Maybe you have dreamt of getting married on a certain date for years, but is it worth sacrificing your dream venue or photographer? I suggest picking a month that you want your wedding to take place in, and then start reaching out to vendors. Many vendors book months to over a year in advance, so don’t be shocked or disappointed if your number 1 choice is already booked, if it is important to you for them to be a part of your day, then being flexible, is inevitable.

oklahoma wedding photographer

5. Don’t be afraid to be on a budget. While it is never okay to try and bargain with vendors, it is okay to be on a budget. There are so many ways you can go about saving money when planning a wedding. This is where coming up with a list of priorities comes into play. Once you decide what your priorities are, then you can start working on a budget and plan accordingly.


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