behind the lens

Hey yall, Melissa here! I am so glad that you are here and have decided to learn about the girl behind the lens! I would absolutely love to hear from you, whether it is an inquiry or you have any questions for me at all, I would love to chat, so shoot me an email or find me on Facebook or Instagram.

First off, let me share a few things about myself so you can get to know me a bit better + we can be one step closer to being BFF’s! I am studying Ag Business at NWOSU and call the small town of Alva, OK home. It’s true, we have more cows than people, but I promise I’m not awkward (okay maybe, maybe a bit, but it’s the charming kind of awkward that will make you crinkle-nose laugh!) College rodeo inspires my love for travelling + exploring new places + all of God’s wonderful creations (a.k.a. heck yeah I will come to your little town in the middle of nowhere). If you include cattle, horses, dogs, or any furry family members you will pretty much be my new bff. I have such a big heart for animals + it is always fun when they are included in sessions!

My candid based style is not for everyone and I aim to capture moments that turn in to memories more than posed and stiff pictures! If you are looking for your images to tell a story, I’m your gal! Everyone has a God given purpose and I believe mine is to show His love + light through pictures!

If you are still here reading, what’s up?! You basically know everything about me now, including that I overuse exclamation points, but oh well just keepin’ it real here!! I would love to hear from you, even if it is to just sliding into my DM’s to say hi + tell me a little about you + your story!

P.S. nine out of ten times I will show up to your session wearing denim on denim on denim, no shame.

specializing in wedding + western lifestyle photography