RMNP elopement at Sprague Lake Dock // Canyon + Lauren

The weather the morning of their wedding was stunning. The sun was out + it was just the right temperature out. As the day when on + the time of their afternoon ceremony was approaching it started to rain. We watched the radar closely + Lauren was the most laid back bride through it all. She put her full trust in the Lord that He would make whatever was supposed to happen, happen. Mind you just days earlier there was talk about the potential government shutdown that would have lead to National Parks being closed as well. All Canyon + Lauren knew is that they were going to get married, one way or another.

Canyon + Lauren decided to travel from Oklahoma to Colorado to say their vows at a place they love- Rocky Mountain National Park. As people that love nature + appreciated the idea of saying their vows with only their close family with them- Sprague Dock seemed to be the perfect match for them to say “I do” in early October as the leaves were changing beautifully.

Well… fast forward just a bit + the rain let up long enough for them to have their ceremony without feeling a drop of rain + we were left with some time after their ceremony for some family portraits + for the two of them to get some photos together as well. We may have done a little job back to the pickup to avoid getting poured on- but it was all worth it for the stunning views!

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